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Music and singing continue to play an important role in our school life. 

Several children have instrumental lessons within school and many children have learned to play the clarinet as part of the Wider Opportunities programme.  Children volunteer to play “Happy Birthday” in our weekly Sharing Assembly and they are able to display their talents in our Music Sharing Assembly.  The clarinettists also played the National Anthem in our Sports Day opening ceremony.

We like to sing in school and to share our singing with the wider community.  All the children took part in our “Big Sing” and the audience was encouraged to join in some of the songs.  The children confidently sang a number of songs which were in parts or included harmonies.  Another item in our Sports Day opening ceremony was everyone using Makaton signing whilst singing “Tell the World”.  The whole school practised 1940’s songs so that they could join with the other Meltham schools to sing at “Meltham Memories”.  The children still enjoy singing these wartime songs.  The choir also performed for the residents of Helme Hall who particularly liked the “Old Time Medley”.


Music mark

Helme School has been nominated by Kirklees Music School to become a School Member of Music Mark. Our School Membership runs until July 2017.  Schools can only join Music Mark through their local music education hub/service.  Kirklees Music School, an active member of Music Mark, has identified that we meet one or all of the criteria below: 

  • evidence of a willingness to engage in development conversations related to improving music provision
  • recognition of the value of music education as part of a broad and balanced curriculum
  • a strategy for music in place which provides for all children

Music Mark works to lead high-quality music education by influencing, supporting and connecting.  Specifically:

  • Influencing decision makers.  Helping them to understand the important contribution that music makes to every school.
  • Supporting the development of a coherent and high-quality music education for children and young people.
  • Connecting the network of music services with the wider community of music educators.

Sing, Swing and Sign Workshop - 28 February 2016

To read about the Sing, Swing and Sign workshop, please click on the document below:

Singing - Christmas 2015

The children from Helme school did lots of singing at Christmas.

They sang with the other Meltham schools before the town Christmas tree lights were switched on and at “Carols in the Park”.  The combined voices made a really good sound.

The choir sang a variety of songs to the residents of Helme Hall, some of whom joined in.  Class 5 children also shared in the Helme Hall carol service.

All the children took part in our Christmas performance of “Little Angels” which included Makaton signing to “Child in a manger born”.  We invited the audience to join in with “While shepherds watched” which was sung to the tune of “Ilkley Moor bar t’at”.  The feedback from the performance included: “The children sang beautifully”, “Some excellent singing.  The soloists were very brave and confident” and “The singing in particular blew me away”.

Shoppers at Morrisons were able to hear children from Class 5 singing and some stayed to listen for a long time.  The singers received some very positive comments.

We continue to be proud of the singing at our school and enjoy the opportunities we have to share it with the local community.

Music Sharing Assembly - 10 July 2015

We all thoroughly enjoyed our Music Sharing Assembly on Friday 10 July.  Staff are always amazed at the progress made by children as well as enjoying the pieces played.

Opera North - 6 July 2015

Meltham Memories - 4 July 2015

Our school community enjoy contributing to the Meltham Memories weekend by dressing up in 1940s clothes and singing songs of the time with children from Meltham Moor Primary School and Meltham CE Primary School.

'Big Sing' - 15 May 2015


On Friday 15th May 2015, we held our “Big Sing”.  The children sang a variety of songs including “Can you feel the love tonight?” and “Three Little Birds”.  They also used Makaton signing with “Proud”.  The audience were taught some of the signs and they were also encouraged to join in with other songs.  The children sang brilliantly as always.

Music Lessons in school

Mrs O'Sullivan comes from Kirklees Music School to teach clarinet to all our Year 4 children.  Children in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to continue these lessons.  All children learning to play the clarinet in this way, do so free of charge to parents.  Mrs O'Sullivan is very pleased with the large number of children choosing to continue these lessons.  Parents have taken up the opportunity to pay for lessons from Kirklees Music School staff.  Currently, children have lessons for Guitar, Woodwind, Strings and Keyboard.  It would be wonderful to have some brass players!

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