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French at Helme School

Every year, we hold a French celebration 'Bastille Day' during which the children get to sample some traditionally French experiences, from tasting crepes, to French country dancing.  Y10 pupils from HHS join us on this day and run their own activities for our children.  This contact with 'older' language learners is invaluable in demonstrating what our children can achieve in the future.

All KS2 children have a penpal in France with whom they exchange letters, emails, photos and videos.  Last year, Class 3 and their French friends wrote and 'published' a new version of 'The Jolly Postman' in franglais, which we are incredibly proud of.  This year, we are hoping to Skype our French friends for the first time.

At Helme, as well as studying the French language from the beginning of the Reception year, we have a strong emphasis on intercultural understanding.  The children learn about the cultures in various French speaking countries as well as France itself.  As a result of our focus on Côte d'Ivoire within French sessions, we were given the once in a lifetime opportunity of being part of the Guard of Honour at the London 2012 Olympics - welcoming the athletes of Côte d'Ivoire to the Opening Ceremony.

What has been said about the Teaching of French at Helme School .....

'Excellent partnerships with other schools, wide-ranging international links and first-rate provision for French successfully deepen the pupils' understanding and appreciation of different cultures.'  Ofsted Nov 2011

'Excellent provision for teaching French results in pupils achieving advanced standards for their age.' Ofsted Nov 2011

'As the link teacher who comes in to Helme from Honley High School to support the French teaching in the school, I would like to say how impressed I am with the level of French that the children here produce, not only at the end of their time here but also in the lower years.'  Rachel Nelson

'I currently work with 4 primary schools in the area and I would have no hesitation in saying that the pupils  at Helme get some of the best experience of language learning that I see.  I feel that this is due largely to the fact that Mrs Bryan is so dedicated to providing an interesting and varied experience and also that the children have a whole day a fortnight working in French.'  Rachel Nelson


French Day - 13 July 2016

On Wednesday 13th July, the whole school looked resplendent dressed in blue, white and red as we took part in our annual celebration for Bastille Day.  The day started as always with a traditional French breakfast of un croissant et un chocolat chaud.

The children then worked in mixed age groups and travelled around 5 different French themed activities. In the Class 5 room, the children learnt about the Battle of the Somme and made their own poppies. In Class 2, a whole school film was created, based on one of the first ‘moving pictures’ films by the Lumiere brothers. In the hall, a French aerobic session got everyone warmed up for some traditional French country dancing. In Class 3, the children worked in teams with newspaper and making tape to make the tallest Eiffel Tower. Finally in Class 4, the children joined the French Resistance by becoming ‘code-breakers’.

The day ended in style with a super sharing assembly where we all got to watch the magnificent whole school film made in Class 2 and spot our cameos! We also awarded prizes to the children that had been selected for displaying the Helme School values. As always, the day was a great success and really showcased Helme at its best.

French Sharing Assembly - 15 April 2016

Every year we hold a French Sharing assembly for our families where each class presents some of their French learning. This year, Class 1 told us about the story La Surprise de Handa. Class 2 retold and dramatised Le Navet Enorme. Class 3 told us about what they'd learned by comparing French and English toy shops and gave us their opinions about certain toys. Class 4 chanted the alphabet in French, followed directions and described journeys to different places. Finally Class 5 put on a fashion show that was fantastique!

Fete Francaise - July 2014

In July 2014, we extended our annual French Day to a whole week so that we could include a focus on Le Grande Depart.  Children took part in various activities involving wheels.  Some were arts based whilst others were sport based.  We 'wheeled' around the yard and tried to cover the route to Paris.  We actually got to the Channel.  We climbed up and down in PE trying to climb the Eiffel Tower.  our combined efforts meant that 85 children had climbed from the bottom to the top. 

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